Black Pine Tar is a high quality Pine Tar reinforced with black pigment in order to achieve a better durability against UV irradiation, mainly on surfaces strongly affected by the sun.

Pine Tar has a documented good penetration of planed wood and it allows the wood to breathe. The dilution with gum turpentine provides a swift penetration and a less sticky and matte finish. Black Pine Tar is a pure natural product for surface treatment of wooden buildings and other outdoor wooden constructions. Simply where you wish to combine an effective protection with a modern and classic color!




Article numbers

60107473 / 2,7-L
60107556 / 9-L


RAL: 7021
NCS: S8500


New and untreated wood or wood former treated with Pine Tar: Remove dust and dirt from the wood with a brush. Apply the Pine Tar; heated to approx. 50°C or diluted with approx. 20 % Gum turpentine for best result. This will improve the penetrations and reduce the drying time. Be aware of the fact that Black Pine Tar is a product of nature where the appearance may vary from different batches. A good idea is to mix several cans before usage until the wanted quantity is acquired. It is recommended to apply Black Pine Tar during summertime as the material will be easier to work with during warm temperatures. The heat will also help the Pine Tar to successfully penetrate the wood.

Painting guide

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