Top results for Noxudol 700!

The British magazine Classic Monthly has carried out extensive testing of corrosion protection products where Auson´s Noxudol 700 was the winner of the Cavity waxes. The test was conducted over a 3 years period of time and periodically checked how well the material retained its protective properties.

The number one placement was motivated as follows. ”The easiest product to use on test proves the most effective. This non-solvent wax delivered the result we hoped for – on the surface and in the all-important seam. It´s ability to penetrate the seam and remain protective is first class. It´s available as a non-aerosol too, but for enthusiasts who want an easy solution, this is surely it.”

The test is the longest-running and most comprehensive of its kind for protective in the UK and therefore we are very excited for our top placement. Please read about the results in full below.