sound damping

& thermal isolation

Sound damping
Vibration is the primary source of annoying sounds. We are exposed to these irritating sounds on a daily basis when we drive, work and play.

We have developed a series of effective compounds that damp vibration, prevent structure-borne noise and provide thermal insulation. Furthermore, they are easy to apply, low-weight and can be applied to a wide range of surfaces. We supply market leaders within the boating industry, shipyards, vehicle industry and train manufactures. All with the common goal to effectively damp vibrations and reduce structure borne sounds. And of course, all products are water-based.


Train manufacturers in northern France who used Noxudol 3101 to the silencer train cars. The weight could be reduced by as much as 120 kg per wagon.

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step by step guide sound damping

Our sound damping materials Noxudol 3100 and Noxudol 3101 are easy to apply and gives an effective sound-absorbing effect. Below follows an step by step guide on how to apply Noxudol sound damping material.

Step by step guide