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Noxudol UM-1600 is a highly thixotropic, fiber-reinforced product. The product comprises bitumen, waxes and low aromatic solvents. A thicker layer also produces a good sound damping effect.


Heat losses, thermal bridges and condensation are common problems where temperature differences occur. Noxudol X9 is a water-based thermal insulating compound that can be applied on both metal and plastic. This means that the product can be used within a large variety of areas and within a wide temperature range.


Noxudol Zinc Spray for the car, the boat and the household. The product provides rust protection of the same type as hot galvanization. The zinc layer protects the steel surface electrochemically. Noxudol Zinc Spray contains more than 90 percent zinc by weight in dry layer.

Pine Tar Oil

Thin liquid for imregnated and untreated wood. For impregnated wood, outdoor furniture, wood for patios, doors etc. Wood oil protects the wood against drying out, cracking and dirt. Accentuates and maintains the woods natural appearance.

Pine Tar Skogens Kol

Pine Tar Skogens Kol is produced from resinous pine wood. It contains all ingredients of rosin and fatty acids and their conversion products such as rosin oil, oxidized acids, esters, high-boiling terpenes and fatty alcohols, etc, which characterizes a pine tar of high quality.

Pressure Pot 5-lit

Complete spray equipment (air-mix) with 5-lit container in stain-less steel included all necessary nozzles.

Pump 26:1 for 208-lit drum for Noxudol solvent-free

Piston pump - 10 m hose - pistol - 1 nozzle - regulator - recirculation package - 2 heaters.

Pump 3:1 for 208-lit drum for Noxudol solvent-free

Piston pump - 2x10 m hoses - pistol - 4 nozzles - regulator - pressure compensation container.

Pump mobile 26:1 / 3:1 for 20-lit cans for Noxudol solvent-free

Trolley - 2 pcs piston pumps - 2x5 m hoses - pistol - 6 nozzles - recirculation package - heater.


Primer is an easy flowing bituminous liquid for impregnating and priming of felt and concrete roofs.


Auson Roofing Compound is a fibered and rubberized bitumen compound.


Sleeper oil is a decay inhibiting oil based on genuine wood tar, giving it a characteristical smell which will decrease in time. Sleeper oil provides effectively long term decay protection for all types of wood, such as sleepers, fences, poles, etc.

Spray gun for 1-lit canister

JWL Spray gun for 1-lit canister.

Spray gun with 1-lit plastic container

JWL Spray gun with 1-lit plastic container.


Tarinoil is a thin liquid with pine tar scent, a simple mixture of the natural products pine tar, linseed oil and gum turpentine. Similar compounds have been traditional for decades and offer wooden surfaces a long time protection. The content of effective ingredients is very high, even the gum turpentine can be counted among them, being a pine tree derivate.