Auto-Plastone is a rubberized bitumen compound in paste form. The material acts preventively against rust attacks, giving a reliable abrasion resistance and a high sound deadening effect at the same time. Auto-Plastone maintains its elasticity for a long time irrespective of temperature conditions.

Auto-Plastone is mainly intended for use on the underbody of the car and inside the wheel housing where powerful protection is needed. The product can also provide a good protection against de-icing salt and it is water and moisture-repellent.

Article numbers

32010721 / 1-L
32010925 / 5-L
30900408 / 20-L


The surface shall be dry and clean. Auto-Plastone provides good adhesion to previously rust protected surfaces. On slightly corroded surfaces priming with Noxudol 750 is recommended. Apply Auto-Plastone with brush or knife in a layer of 3-6 mm. Auto-Plastone can also be supplied in sprayable form. In that case a spray gun with 6 mm nozzle is recommended.