Noxudol 705-5 is a solvent free rust preventive product. Low viscosity binding compounds and additives have been used to make it possible to apply the product at room temperature. It forms after drying a soft, anti corrosive film.

Noxudol 705-5 is a penetrating protective oil and is intended for the treatment of the hollow spaces of motor vehicles according to standard cavity spraying methods. To achieve penetration, levelling and gelling, the object must be heated after treatment.

Environmental impact

VOC = 0 g/L

Article numbers

40500721 / 208-L

40500810 / 1000-L



High- or low pressure spraying for the treatment of hollow spaces according to standard cavity spraying methods. Other details can be sprayed, brushed or dipped. After application the object should be heated until it reaches a temperature of min. 80 ÂșC.