Mercasol Transparent ML is a solvent borne, well penetrative rust protective material. The product is based on wax, sulfonate and oil and has very beneficial long-term anti corrosion attributes. It is approved accordingly with SS 18 65 11. Mercasol Transparent ML has lower contents of solvents compared to similar products. The product is partly drying oxidative.

Mercasol Transparent ML is meant to be used for professional corrosion protection of cavities, flanges and joints on vehicles, especially suitable where a less outstanding corrosion protection surface or less solvent content is desired. Mercasol Transparent ML can also be used as a primer on open surfaces in combination with Mercasol 845 and 845AL underbody corrosion protection agents.

 It has very good corrosion protection properties during long periods of time. Mercasol Transparent ML contains less solvent than comparable products. The product has been compatibility tested with the most common corrosion protection systems on the market and is approved to be used on a major part of the different vehicle brands. Except physically, Mercasol Transparent ML is also partly chemically drying.

Article numbers

42600721 / 208-L
42600701 / 60-L


Surfaces to be treated should be cleaned and free from dirt, salt and oil. We recommend application to take place indoors. Mercasol Transparent ML is primarily intended to apply with an airless high pressure pump1:26 > with a feeding pressure of 3 to 5 bar. The product can also be applied with a low pressure pump 1:3 air assisted. At application with air distribution cleaning of spray gun is recommended when changing barrel.