Mercasol 827, which is approved according to SS 18 65 11, is a solvent borne (aliphatic naphta) well penetrating corrosion protection fluid, based on wax, sulphonate and is partly oxidative drying. It has very good corrosion protection properties during long periods of time. Mercasol 827 contains considerably less solvent than comparable products. The product has been compatibility tested with the most of the vehicle brands different corrosion protection systems.

Mercasol 827 is a high solids (HS) product meant to be used for professional corrosion protection of cavities, doors and hoods on vehicles, especially suitable where a less visible corrosion protection surface or less solvent content is desired. The product is adapted to be applied with conventional high pressure pumps. However, specially designed nozzles and cavity wands are needed. If the underbody is to be protected with an abrasive protective material – the Mercasol 847AL (also a HS-system) is recommended. For open joints on the underbody and for priming before the Mercasol 847AL, the Mercasol 831ML is recommended.



Article numbers

42800721 / 208-L
42800701 / 60-L



Mercasol 827 is primarily meant to be applied by high pressure airless pump 1:26 to 1:32 with a feeding pressure of 3 to 6 bar. Special nozzles and cavity wands provided by Geveko Industri AB should be used.