Mercasol 2 is a solvent borne (aliphatic naphtha) penetrating clear transparent corrosion protection agent which leaves a completely dry and tack free surface. Based on wax and sulphonate it gives good protection properties during long periods of time.

Mercasol 2 is a transparent corrosion protection, meant to be used by private customers and smaller workshops. Mercasol 2 primarily use is on visible surfaces where a dry and tack free discrete protection layer is wanted, e.g. on vehicle doors and hoods or on tools and equipment. Mercasol 2 can also be used as a penetrating corrosion protection agent in flanges and joints.

Article numbers

42400096 / 600 ml spray
42400511 / 1-L
42400545 / 5-L



Surfaces to be treated shall be dry and free of rust, dirt, salt and oil. Application shall be done indoors at temperatures between +15 and +25°C.

The 1 liter bottle of Mercasol 2 is primarily meant to be applied by a pressure air gun together with accessories as cavity hose. Mercasol 2 spray is applied with appended nozzle and pipe. Apply approx. 50μm wet layer, which gives approx. 10μm dry layer.

When applying with spray can, two layers can be necessary in order to reach recommended dry film thickness due to lower dry content.