Mercasol 1 is a thin solvent borne well penetrating corrosion protection fluid based on wax, sulphonate and oil. The product has very good corrosion protection properties during long periods of time. The wax dries to form a brown, greasy, moisture-repellent film.  Mercasol 1 has been compatibility tested with the most common corrosion protection systems on the market and is approved to be used on a major part of the different vehicle brands.


The product is approved according to SS 18 65 11 and a considerable amount of the composition of Mercasol 1 consists of renewable raw materials. Mercasol 1 is meant to be used by private customers and smaller workshops for corrosion protection of cavities, flanges and joints on vehicles. Mercasol 1 can also be used as a primer on open surfaces in combination with Mercasol 3 and 3AL underbody corrosion protection agents.

Article numbers

42700096 / 600 ml spray
42000511 / 1-L
42000545 / 5-L



Surfaces to be treated shall be dry and free of rust, dirt, salt and oil. The 1 liter bottle of Mercasol 1 is primarily meant to be applied by a pressure air gun together with accessories as cavity hose. Mercasol 1 spray is applied with appended nozzles or cavity hose accessory. Application shall be done indoors at temperatures between +15 and +25°C. Drying times are depending on temperature and humidity, at +23°C and 50%RH, the drying time is approx. 8 h. By these conditions, Mercasol 1 shall be allowed a flash-off of 1 h before being sprayed over with Mercasol 3 or Mercasol 3AL.

Equipment is cleaned with aliphatic naphtha. Staining and overspray are favorable being removed by Mercasol Cleaner or aliphatic naphtha.