rust protection

Rust protection
For nearly 100 years, the world's vehicle manufacturers - and owners - have fought against a common enemy: rust.

Auson are specialists in environmentally compatible quality products for rust proofing for the vehicle industry, among others. The rust proofing range includes solvent-borne standard products, high-solid products, products entirely without solvents and waterborne products. The rust proofing concept has been developed in close cooperation between our customers and our laboratory. Today most establishments use solvent-free products which are environmentally friendly and at the same time do not compromise with regard to rust proofing.


Noxudol and Mercasol hold a strong position on both the Nordic and the international markets. Noxudol offers innovative solutions with its non solvent product range. Mercasol hold a strong position on the Nordic aftermarket and offer an effective rust protection product range.

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We have collaborated with the automotive industry for 50 years and today we are supplier to several car and bus manufacturers worldwide. Through close collaboration with our customers, we develop customized solutions that fit each customer's specific needs. To help, we have our own laboratory where we can develop and adapt our anti-corrosive products together with the customer.

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Solvent free

Auson early realized the importance of offering an alternative to solvent-based products. Collaboration between Auson and Volvo launched the development of solvent-free products already in 1995. Since then, we at Auson have developed several solvent-free and water-based rust protection products to meet the increasing demands for lower emissions.

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