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Geveguard 613 is a specially adapted blend of waxes in an aliphatic naphta dispersion. The wax blend has properties which gives very good adhesion and corrosion protection properties. Since Geveguard 613 is transparent it is in some cases possible to skip the removal of the product after transport or storing. The impact on painted surfaces is small, but should be tested in each application.


Noxudol 244 is a thin waterborne corrosion protection which after drying forms a soft, greasy film. The material provides a very good anticorrosive protection on untreated steel surfaces. It washes off easily even after long storing time.


Noxudol 248 is a thixotropic anti-corrosion fluid that dries to forms a light brown, elastic and waxy surface, which feels neither tacky nor gummy. In addition it provides a degree of mechanical protection.