Nature's own wood Protection

Wood is a living material that requires maintenance. Some woods require more while others require less. Common is that they likely will dry out, rot or mold if not protected properly.

We offer a wide range of wood protection products that provides your wooden surface with an excellent wood protection. When treating wood with one of our Pine Tars you bring the substances naturally used by the wood to combat attacks from algae, mold and mold fungus. The Pine Tar provides an impregnation to the wood structure that prevents moisture from penetrating into the wood, thus making it difficult for algae and mildew to develop. In this way, the wood is also protected from drying out and cracking. The lovely scent - which fades with time - reveals that you treated the wood with nature's own wood protection.

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Auson Boar tar is used to simplify the hunt of the wild boar. Spray or brush a layer of Boar tar on a tree trunk or wooden pole to attract wild boars to the site.


Genuine Pine Tar is produced from resinous pinewood. Pine tar has been used in Scandinavia for hundreds of years to protect and preserve wooden buildings, boats, jetties and everyday items. As well as protecting wooden structures against rot, natural tar is also mildly antiseptic.


Gum Turpentine is a colourless thin liquid with a characteristic odour. Biodegradable solvent for tars, linsed oil, paints etc.


Imprex is a special light-coloured tar extracted from pinewood. It is practically free from acetic acid, phenols and mineral products. Imperex conservs the wood by making the surface water resistance.

Dalbränd Pine Tar

Dale Burned Pine Tar is a pure, natural product with a golden color, low content of pitch, high resin content and high purity. Kiln Burned Pine Tar is a high performance tar especially for medical purposes but also for veterinary use as well as for wood and wood preservation.


Boiled linseed oil is a vegetable oil, obtained from raw linseed oil by heat treatment and blended with siccative, solvent and white spirit which catalytically expedites the drying process.


Raw linseed oil is a low viscosity liquid with an oily consistence and golden brown colour. Raw linseed oil is primarily a glyceride with a high fatty acid value. The oil is obtained from flax seeds through pressing.