New quick-drying rustproofing product from Auson

Auson announces a new quick-drying rustproofing product under the brand name Mercasol. The new rust protection material has been developed under the leadership of Aldina Bijedic and is especially suited for environments with high humidity. The product will be sold in 208-liter drums.

Auson announces a new solvent-based rustproofing material intended for the vehicle underbody. While conventional rust protection products have a drying time of approximately 5 hours Mercasol 845 D has a drying time of approximately 1 hour. The material has black color and form a matte and tack-free surface after application.

Mercasol rustproofing products are manufactured in Ausons facility in Kungsbacka. All products are developed by the in-house laboratory and often in close dialogue with customers.

The developing of Mercasol 845 D started in autumn 2012 under the leadership of Aldina Bijedic.

-The first step was to find the right raw material that would provide the quick drying qualities we were looking for, says Aldina. The next step was to test the material in accordance with different standards, which is routine for all products that we develop.

During autumn 2014 the material was tested by several customers who had requested a fast drying corrosion protection. Mercasol 845 D is especially suited for environments with tropical climate.

George Findlay, who operates a numerous rust stations in South America, has used the material for some time. -Because of the tropical climate with more than 90% humidity in the rainy season, it is important for us with an undercoating product that dries quickly, says George. Customers’ don´t like when sand, mud or other materials sticks under the fenders or body due to an undercoating that does not dry fast enough. With Mercasol 845 D, we can avoid this problem.

Mercasol 845 D is part of a wide range of traditional solvent-based anticorrosion materials and is available at Auson AB.

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