New package size for Pine Tar Vitriol

pallet collar painted with Pine tar Vitriol
The natural product Auson Pine Tar Vitriol has quickly become a popular product among architects and consumers who crave for a stylish gray color to modern wooden houses and buildings. Auson is now extending their range with a 1 liter packaging complementing the already existing 3 liters and 10 liters packages.

The new smaller packing of Auson Pine Tar Vitriol is especially useful for small renovation projects such as pallet collars, sheds, fences and patio construction.

- Natural colors, furniture and interior are extremely popular in our homes today. And it also applies to the materials we use in house construction and renovation. Our Pine Tar Vitriol is made from substances found naturally in the forests, hence it adds substances that the wood needs to protect itself against rain and moisture. With a broader size range, we now hope to reach more consumers who like to fix and tinker in the home and in the garden, says Per Udesen, partner at Auson.

Auson Pine Tar Vitriol was launched in spring 2014 and has become one of the company's top seller in the segment Pine Tar products. The Pine Tar is produced by dry distillation of wood, mainly pine. Gum turpentine is used as a solvent which is also extracted from wood. By supplying natural substances that the tree itself uses as protection, the material acquires an efficient wood protection against everything that could destroy the wood surface.

- Wood tar is really a product right on time, both for the nice natural color and how it was manufactured. Moreover, people nowadays have a great interest in fixing and renovating their homes, which increases the demand for good and sustainable materials, says the architect Karin Wingårdh at Wingårdh Architects.

Auson Pine Tar Vitriol is represented in well-stocked paint and builders merchants around Sweden.

Prices: 1 liter of approximately 190 SEK, 3 liters of about 470 SEK and 10 liters of about 1400 SEK.


- Based on the substances that have formed naturally in the forest and are produced by dry distillation of wood, mainly pine.

- Can be used on wood previously treated with copperas and on untreated or previously tarred wood.

- Leaves a beautiful wooden structure with a stylish gray tone to suit modern houses and wooden buildings.

- Give the wood constructions an impregnation that prevents moisture from penetrating the wood yet still allows it to breathe. Prevents wood from drying out and cracking.

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