Increased interest for environmentally friendly anti-corrosion products

Solvent free rust proofing
In 2014 Auson increase production of solvent-free products by 28% in comparison to 2013. The solvent-free products accounted for a total of 26% of Auson’s sales during 2014.

- A positive trend indicating that our customers tend to opt out solvent-based corrosion protection in favor of environmentally friendly products without solvents says Per Udesen, co-owner of Auson AB.

Auson has over the past years developed a number of anti-corrosion products without solvents under the brand Noxudol. A few of the solvent-free products are water based. The products all have in common that they do not emit any organic compounds which means that all products VOC content is equal to zero. Emissions content may be crucial for major players with heavy demands on reducing emissions; the solution is to replace some or all rust preventive agents to solvent-free alternatives.

Corrosion protection without solvents are not only environmentally friendly, they can also offer economic benefits. The high dry content ensures that 100% of the material remains on the treated surface. Another consequence of the high dry content is that the material dries more slowly, giving a smoother surface and a more efficient penetration.
The water-based products have a lower dry content; however, the VOC content is still equal to zero.

Most commonly, the solvents enter the body through the air we breathe. Some solvents can even penetrate the skin and into the bloodstream. You may become dizzy, tired and feel nauseous. The person may also become jaded and have reduced alertness and therefore the risk of accidents may increase.

A plant that works only with solvent-free products does not need custom ventilation because of the emission-free work environment provided by the solvent-free products.