More about asphalt / roof care


A roof is subjected to heavy stress and needs regular maintenance to avoid damage that can cause leakage.

Roofing felt includes many different materials where the simplest form is a plain single asphalt board on a roll that is nailed to the roof. A more expensive roofing felt can consist of a fully welded rubber cloth with longer durability compared to cheaper alternatives. Today, roofing felt is basically laid on all flat roofs that are architect-designed. As it is a cheaper alternative, roofing felt is also common in summer cottages.

Roofing felt is the only material that works when the house has a low slope. The lowest degree number should not be less than about 5-6 degrees compared to a roof with bricks that should not have a slope lower than 14 degrees. The roofing is generally more sensitive to the weather and wind, therefore maintenance is important. Roofing felt lasts for about 20 years. Then you can reinforce the roof with a primer and then apply a roof mass to extend the life. We offer a complete maintenance program with roofing products for roofing felt and sheet metal roofs. The range includes roofing, primer, sealing and adhesive asphalt. Read more about our roof care products here.