Management policy

Auson AB manufactures products for rust protection, sound damping, roof care and wood protection. Commodities treated by our products will have prolonged life cycle, and by doing that our company contributes to the preservation of the common resources of the society.

Auson AB is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001. For us at Auson AB that means that we are committed to improve our operations continuously by setting specific, measurable and time-based goals and implement action plans which are adherent to our goals. Our vision is that an economic, social and ecological sustainable development is possible and therefore we will work actively with issues that affect quality, environment and working environment.

Quality policy

In our operation we will strive to achieve a long-term business development by:

– Describing our operational activities and their interactions with each other so that all of our co-workers have a comprehensive understanding of their role in the overall flow of activities.
– Setting quality objectives which are well understood and accepted within the organization.
– Produce products that exceed the expectations of our customers in regard to complying to their requirements on product safety and delivery accuracy.

Environmental policy

We shall work towards development and improvement of our environmental management by:

– Developing products and manufacturing processes those have as little impact on the environment as possible.
– Weighing in the environmental consideration when purchasing commodities or services.
– Preventing spillage to water, air or soil.
– Improving the awareness of our co-workers regarding the environmental impact of our enterprise.
– Minimizing the amount of produced waste.
– Following the current regulation and other parties’ environmental requirements.

Working environmental policy

Auson has as an employer the ambition to maintain a good working environment where the employees are motivated, committed and get on well with their duties. Managing the working environment shall be a natural part of the everyday work where employer and employees work together in order to experiences and viewpoints are fully utilized and the employees participate in the improvement and the development of the working environment. Auson’s ambition is to reduce the total sick days with 50 % within a period of three years by:

– Creating a good ergonomic working environment.
– Eliminating all airborne hazards in the working environment.
– Creating a sense of well-being and kinship among our co-workers.
– Improving the information flow and the collaboration between the management and the employees.

Per Udesen, Co-owner & Managing Director
Erik Udesen, Co-owner