Chemistry for a durable future

Quality, product development and environmental security are the most important competitive weapons for a chemical company such as Auson. We manufacture products for rust protection, sound damping, roof care and wood protection and we have customers worldwide.

Over the years, we have carried out extensive work to develop products and manufacturing processes that have as little impact on the environment as possible. The result is our total concept of solvent-free rust proofing products for the automotive industry, as well as our unique structure borne sound damping product range that has become a huge success within the shipbuilding industry.

Auson AB was founded in 1928 and, therefore, we can look back over 90 years of research and development in own laboratories and in close cooperation with our customers. Today, the company’s turnover is over 117 MSEK (13 MEURO) and is one of the largest manufacturers in Europe offering a wide range of solvent-free products.

Trust, long-term relationships, problem solving and product development in close cooperation with our customers has established Auson as a strong brand and a reliable partner worldwide. Our skillful and experienced personnel take on huge responsibility for ensuring the continuous high-class quality on all of our products.

Four strong product groups

We manufacture about two hundred different products for worldwide export in our factory in Kungsbacka, just south of Gothenburg. 45 years of cooperation with the Swedish automotive industry and, in recent years, with more and more international customers, e.g. in Asia, has provided us with valuable experience, prompting us to expand into the global automotive industry. We also perform column packings for a number of large customers, and can offer complete customeradapted packaging and delivery services.

Research and development
In the laboratory, our chemists continuously check product quality and ensure that environmental specifications, etc., are fulfilled. We also work on product development here, test new formulas and assess the chemical quality of future products – often in close cooperation with our larger customers’ research and development departments.

Complete rust protection product range without solvents
On the OEM market at the beginning of the 1960s, we started to supply rust protection products to the Swedish automotive industry and its aftermarket. Together, we have developed a series of solvent-free rust proofing products that are used in production, service workshops and as car care products for the consumer market.

Sprayable water-based sound damping compound
The demand for sound damping and sound isolation is increasing within many sectors. Our solvent-free sound damping compound is being sought after more and more within the shipbuilding industry, the automotive industry and the building sector, due to its unique properties making it elastically flexible and easy to apply with very good adhesive qualities, even when used in complex constructions.

Roof renovation products and asphalt solutions
We offer a maintenance product range for the renovation of felt and tin roofs, as well as special tars and asphalt solutions.

Traditional environmentally compatible wood protection products
Wood tar is used for the protection of wood constructions, but also for pharmaceutical and veterinary purposes. It is also used in industry, as a component in tyre manufacturing, for example. Wood oil for the protection and maintenance of both treated and untreated timber is also included in this product group that we sell worldwide.