• Keep rust at bay

    50 years of close cooperation with varoius car manufacturers has led to extensive development of rust protection treatments for vehicles, for use during manufacture and on the aftermarket. Today, an increasing number of the rust protection products we manufacture are free from solvents and friendly to our environment. More about rust-protection here
  • Sound damping and thermal isolation

    Auson offers a serie of effective materials that damp vibrations, prevent structure borne sounds and avoid condensation. The products have a low weight and is easy to apply. More about sound damping here
  • Asphalt and Roof care

    Auson offers a complete bitumen-based maintenance program for renovating roofing felt and asphalt solutions for different purposes. More about asphalt and roof care here
  • Pine tar

    For many centuries, Pine Tar has been used to protect and preserve wooden houses and constructions. We offer high quality pigmented, kiln burned and Pine Tar that protects your wooden surface in the best possible way. More about Pine tar here

Tradition and innovation since 1928

Auson, which started all the way back in 1928, offers traditional, environmentally adapted products within the fields of rust protection, sound damping, pine tar and asphalt.  For Auson, the manufacturing process and the quality of our products represent essential core values for the operations.