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We manufacture about two hundred different products for worldwide export in our factory just south of Gothenburg. We also perform column packings and can offer complete customeradapted packaging and delivery services.

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Over the years, we have carried out extensive work to develop products and manufacturing processes that have as little impact on the environment as possible. The result is our total concept of solvent-free rust proofing products for the automotive industry, as well as our unique structure borne sound damping product range that has become a huge success within the shipbuilding industry.

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our brands mercasol and noxudol

Noxudol and Mercasol hold a strong position on both the Nordic and the international markets. Noxudol offers innovative solutions with its non solvent product range. Mercasol hold a strong position offering an effective rust protection product range.

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One of the most demanding test areas

We have one of the most demanding test areas on our doorstep - the Nordic road network. Wet roads that are salted during winter time gives us unique opportunities to try new products in the field.

Our rust protection products

pine tar - nature's own paint

Auson is currently one of the biggest and oldest suppliers of pine tar in Sweden and the Nordic region. Find out more about our popular pine tar products, get painting tips and be inspired by successful projects on our website Tjärlek by Auson

Tjärlek by Auson

High quality and product development

Auson's long history means that we can look back on 90 years of research and development work in our own laboratories and in close cooperation with our customers. Our professional and experienced staff take great responsibility for a consistent and high quality of all our products. Product development and quality together with environmental safety are our most important competitive means.

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where it all began in 1928

It all started in 1928 when Arthur Udesen came to Gothenburg from Denmark and began trading in oils. Initially, the business was run under simple conditions in the part of central Gothenburg known as Gårda. During the 1940s and 1950s, production began to focus more and more on rust protection and asphalt products.

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CUSTOMIsED co-operation

Today, we are supplier to several car and bus manufacturers worldwide. Through close collaboration with our customers, we develop customized solutions that fit each customer's specific needs. To help, we have our own laboratory where we can develop and adapt our anti-corrosive products together with the customer.

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Our sound damping materials Noxudol 3100 and Noxudol 3101 are easy to apply and gives an effective sound-absorbing effect. Follow our step by step guide on how to apply Noxudol sound damping material.

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