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We have over many years developed and provided the market with solvent-free products. Read more about our work with environmental friendly products.
Vanquish Yacht treated with Noxudol 3100

Sound Damping & Thermal Insulation

We offer a range of effective products that dampens vibrations, prevents structure born sounds and adds thermal insulation. The products are widely appreciated, e.g. shipyards and the car industry.

Noxudol & Mercasol – Two strong brands

Our aim is to give our customer the best service possible. Noxudol and Mercasol are our two brands that now hold strong positions in the Swedish as well as the International market.
Hus målat med Auson Tjärvitriol

New product! – Pine Tar Vitriol

The color is inspired by Iron Vitriol, the difference is that Auson Tjärvitriol offers a unique wood protection that prolongs the life time of the treated surface.

Longterm supplier to the vehicle industry

We have collaborated with the automotive industry for over 50 years and are one of the market leaders in the rust-protection treatment of vehicles.
Träaltan behandlad med Ljus Tjärolja

Treat your wood deck with Auson Light Pine Tar Oil

Auson Light Pine Tar Oil penetrates deep into the wood to prevent cracks and dehydration. Another pleasant effect is that your porch will embrace a beautiful grey finish.
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Auson develops and manufactures chemical products within rust protection, sound damping, car care, asphalt products and pine tar. Thanks to keen perception and continuous research, the company is right at the forefront of developing a solvent-free product range.


Latest news

Auson will for the first time be one of the exhibitors at SMM Hamburg International maritime trade fair. We are happy to welcome you to visit us at our booth B5.FG / 021 between 9 – 12th September.
We welcome you to meet us at Mets in Amsterdam in stand 02.503. We will demonstrate our sound damping compound Noxudol 3100/3101 which is used to prevent structure borne sounds.

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